Herbella Enchanted Jewelry was founded in New York City in 2019 by Kate Butler.

Born and raised in Bangkok, Kingdom of Thailand. Founder Kate Butler spent her childhood immersed in drawing, painting and interested in fashions. In 2007 she moved to New York City for her International Business Study and received her Master degree in Business Management. A chance internship with Home Essentials & Beyond reignited her hands-on creative passion and E-Commerce.

“I grew up around gems as my grandmother was a gem collector in Thailand. My father always took us to the gem hubs around the country. I got to visit many of the gem hubs in the world I travel to Burma which is a great gem cutting center for most gem types. I found that I wanted to buy quality Ruby and Sapphire and Thailand was the place to do that. Always come back to Thailand and found what I was looking for. In 2007, I came to NYC to continue my education in business study. I ended up moving there and get married.I visited Famous Diamond District on 47th Street in NYC where I bought my engagement and wedding ring and fallen in love with all Extravaganza jewelries in the showcase. I set up my office in Hoboken, learned the language, and began selling buying diamonds, high-end Ruby and Sapphire. I retained my connections in Thailand and living in USA. Back in 2009, I launched my first diamond online site is Suttisakorn.com named after my family name in Thailand. And in 2019 here we are Herbella Enchanted.com I want this to be positive, angelic, healing name because I lost my beloved husband and father, I find this business is healing me and I got to do what I love with my passion and pure heart.”

“ I’m humbled by the opportunity to share the majesty and wonder of these beautiful gifts of nature.” Kate Butler

Herbella Enchanted, aptly named after the movie fantasy The Enchanted, Her is about feminine and Bella is beauty. Kate displays her passion in Jewelry and Old time fashions. Her jewelries are mostly set in solid 14k and 18k gold with precious stones. Kate is dedicated to ensuring that each Old and New Treasuresare not only beautiful, but is also made using ethically sourced stones. Each piece of Kate’s jewelry is hand pick with love in NYC.